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- January 2005
Finally! The record has just been released, and the reviews are fantastic. Go have a listen and let me (and the other members of the project) know if you like it.

- June 2004
It's about time! Finally, the cd has been recorded, and Musea in France will be distributing it. More news later, but here's a sneak preview of the artwork for the booklet...

- February 2004
We've been working on the NoVoX project for about 2½ years. The last track "Never Mind" was finalized in February 2004.
Please listen to the MP3-files and check out if it's worth buying the album!

- February 2002
Guitarist Mark Vermeule joined in February 2002. We've been working on the NoVoX project together, things were a bit slow for a while since we all have our different lives, agenda's had to be frequently checked.

- End of 2001
Dutch progband Cliffhanger split up in May 2001. Keyboardplayer Dick Heijboer started an instrumental project called NoVoX later that year together with bassplayer Gijs Koopman and drummer Hans Boonk. Later on, but still in 2001, guitarist Rinie Huigen joined the project as well.

Dutch newspaper headline: Koester kunstenaar met schop onder de kont', which means: 'Cherish Artist with Kick in the Butt'.


Dick Heijboer

Hans Boonk

Mark Vermeule

Rinie Huigen

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