Mark Vermeule, guitar, played all his mother's records for the love of music. Mark Vermeule

I was still very young when I developed my interest in music. My mum's records suffered dearly from my desire to play them all. Since my mother was a huge Cliff Richard fan, I soon heard material from his band: The Shadows. When I was about 9 years old, I could choose what I wanted to do: practice soccer like the rest of my friends or take guitar lessons. A very obvious choice.

Since then my musical taste developed from Jimi Hendrix to Iron Maiden, from Guns N' Roses to guitar gods like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Steve Morse, Yngwie Malmsteen etc. After this 'technical' period a friend of mine brought home a Dream Theater CD. I had to get used to it at first, but saw the big picture very soon. From then on, I was convinced that you can't catch music into rules, like 'verse chorus bridge'.

To me, music is about a lot of things: melody, harmony, rhythm, story lines, technique and feeling. You need to master all these aspects. With the right people you can combine these ingredients into your message to whoever wants to hear. That's what it's all about.

Before entering the Novox-project, I played in a couple of bands. At the age of fourteen I played in a Shadows cover band, The Spikes. And from the age of twentyfour I played in a few cover bands for a couple of years: "Four of a kind" and "The Shining". Mostly, we played pop, rock, blues, soul and funk covers. Unfortunately, we didn't get on stage that much, but when we played some local festivals, we had a lot of fun. My personal drive with these bands was the ability to develop my arranging and composing skills. At the same time I got interested in vocals (harmony).

About three years ago, I felt I needed more challenge in my new love: the progressive area. I put my musical curriculum on the internet and Dick Heijboer contacted me, asking me to play guitar on his project Novox. Finally, I could play the music I love. I didn't hesitate and accepted the invitation. I composed the guitar parts for two track, and I completely composed one track. It was a great challenge to me and I'm pleased with the results.

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