Hans Boonk, a very early musician who knew he wanted to play drums! Hans Boonk

I was rather early as a musician. In fact my musical destination and direction was determined very soon. I had to play drums! That's for sure. My older brother and friends made there own songs with guitar and vocals in the sixties. They needed some rhythm and I've literally played on my mother's pots and pans to accompany my brothers' songs. At the age of twelve I had my own drums; a Beverly made by Premier. A beautiful kit in those days and I received my first lessons in a classical way. So you had to keep the sticks in a jazzy position. My roots are jazz with Buddy Rich en Gene Krupa, but I've also played along with the early albums of Yes, Genesis and Rush. Basically, I taught myself how to play drums.

My personal preference was symphonic rock, but later I've been in several schoolbands and other bands like big bands, entertainment bands etc. In a roundabout way I contacted the band Cliffhanger in the early nineties and we made several albums. In spite of the end of Cliffhanger as a band, we, the members, see each other frequently and we still make good music...

I also enjoy working as an artist. Curious about my work? Here's my personal website, and this is my address.


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