Gijs Koopman, bass player, impressed by Dick Heijboer's innovative style of playing. Gijs Koopman

I started playing bass in May 1992. Just for fun to start a band with a group of friends. Just like me, they never really played an instrument before. I was the only one who learned to play, so I decided to place an advertisement in a magazine for a band. That was in January 1993. I received a phone call from Dick Heijboer who played keyboards in a band called Cliffhanger. They had a gig the week after that call so I went to Tilburg to see them live. I was impressed, especially by Dick's innovative style of playing. The week after this gig I had my audition. I was very nervous because I hadn't told Dick that I had only been playing bass for less than seven months. The band already had disagreements from the moment I arrived. Cliffhanger had a different line up at that time than the well known "classic" one. They had a female singer and a guitar player and a drummer. The band split up because of musical differences and I decided to move on with Dick and some new musicians. For me Dick was a gift from heaven. "The ultimate musical partner". He had the same vision as me. We wanted to make "Plutonium Symfo". Dick was in touch with Rinie Huigen (vocals and guitar) and I received a phone call from Hans Boonk (drums) because I was advertising for a drummer in music shops and at concerts. Soon the new line up was complete and we made five albums. During all this time, I developed my own personal, recognizable and melodic style of playing bass. I also developed myself as a composer and I wrote a lot of the music during the 8 years I spent in Cliffhanger.

After disbanding Cliffhanger, Dick decided to start a project and he wanted me to play the bass parts. I could also write new stuff for this project. Hans Boonk did the drums and Rinie Huigen even did some guitar parts. The spirit of Cliffhanger was back again but now only in the studio. Not for live performance anymore. Dick also found a very talented guitar player: Mark Vermeule, who also did some very good guitar parts on this project. Although the music sounds like Cliffhanger, Dick didn't want to call it Cliffhanger for personal reasons. I came up with the name "NovoX". It means "no vocals" because it an instrumental album.

NovoX is a studio only project. Because of that I was looking for a new band to play live as well. It wasn't easy but finally I found a band called Sangamo. It was a band without a singer. It was very difficult to find a singer. We tried very hard but we didn't succeed. The keyboard player of this band was Gerben Klazinga. He was also working on a solo project "Knight Area". I was very pleased to play some parts on it and he also asked me to play in his Knight Area band to perform this album live. I came with the suggestion to ask Rinie Huigen (from Cliffhanger) as an extra guitarist. He agreed. Very soon I'll play in a band together again with Rinie. Gerben became a friend of mine and I admire his musical talent and his style of playing keyboards.

I considered NovoX as a new challenge for me. I played my best bass stuff on this debut album. Because of that I'm very proud of it. I experimented a lot with the fuzz effect on my bass. You can hear it in the songs "Valentine fuzzstrations", "Eclipse" and "Emptiness". This is the equipment I used on the album:

Tech-21 Sans Amp Bass-driver Alesis qaudraverb GT Ibanez Digital delay PDD1 Boss Bass-flanger BF-2B Boss Hyper Fuzz FZ-2

And of course my Rickenbacker 4001 CS which has been with me for so many years. Of course I'll use it on future projects as well!!!
Stay tuned!

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