All the musicians who worked together on the NoVoX progressive rock project. - Dutch progband Cliffhanger split up in May 2001. Later that year, keyboardplayer Dick Heijboer started an instrumental project called NoVoX. Since the project needed some more instruments than keyboard, he asked Gijs Koopman to join him, and suggested bringing some of his own music as well. This worked very well, and after a few months guitarist Rinie Huigen joined the project as well. Work has been progressing steadily since then, working with even more people along the line.
And then, there it is: in January 2005, the CD has been released. Go have a listen in your local store, or order the CD from Musea!

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Dick Heijboer

Hans Boonk

Mark Vermeule

Rinie Huigen

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